Woven Bag Liner Compounding Machine

Woven bag liner compounding Machine is specially design for binging the plastic film inside the tubular woven fabric, reach
the  function of waterproof and moisture-prevent
● Available for chemical bag, sugar bag, fire-hose
● Special helix air track supplies equal hot air onto the fabric surface, ensures the sufficiency melting and adhesion between EVA-
PE film and the inner side of tubular fabric
● Unwinding and haul-off unit: for unwinding , haul-off and sealing
● Special design cooling path and chilling roller are used together to give a fast cooling after lamination. The winding will be in
normal temperature condition and fabric roller will be without internal stress
● Winding tension stable and fabric roll smooth

Model No. NY-NMF-650 NY-NMF-750
Folding Width of Fabric (mm) 350-650 450-750
Max. Diameter of Unwinding Fabric Roll (mm) 1200 1200
Max. Lamination Speed (m/min) 50 50
Heating Power (kw) 36 48
Gross Power (kw) 10 14
Installing Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 2200×1700×3100 2200×1700×3100
Weight (kg) Approx.10000 Approx.12000

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