Single Extruder Laminating Machine

This machine can do coating on pp woven fabric uniformly by using melted PP and PE mixture to make one-side or two-side coated woven bags. It can also make use of the good adhesive property of PP and PE mixture at melting status to laminate the printed paper, OPP or CPP film to the pp woven fabric or nonwoven fabric to get paper or film laminated bags. Temperature of the machine is controlled automatically and width of coating and laminating is adjustable

Main Technical Parameters:
Model No. NY-FM105/1000
Diameter of Screw 105mm
L/D Ratio of Screw 28:1
Rotation Speed of Screw 30-120rpm
Power of Extruder Motor 18.5kw
Heating Power of Extruder 28kw
Number of Die 2
Width of T-Die(mm) 1000
Max Coating Width 750mm
Gross Power(kw) 65
Coating Speed 30-120 m/min
Coating Thickness 0.01-0.1mm
Installing Dimensions(L×W×H)cm 1380x600x250
Weight(kg) 8000
Technical Paramters are subject to change without prior notice

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