Double Extruders Laminating Machine

This series of laminating machine is double extruders, Max working speed up to 200m/min,higher efficiency. it is more stable with high peel strength, evenly coating layer especially suitable for colour coating,better cost performance.

Main Technical Parameters:
Model NY-SFM900
Laminating Width 780mm
Laminating Thickness 6~20
Laminating Line Speed 50~200(m/min)
L/D 30:01:00
Roller Effecive Length 900mm
Die Head Length 1000mm
Max Dia Of Un/Rewinder 1400mm
Un/Rewinder Paper Croe Inner Dia 76mm-86mm
Installed Power 120KW
Rated Voltage 380-440VAC
Air Source Requirement 0.5-0.6Mpa
Cooling Power 18P
Ambient Temperature 0-45
Machine Weight 16000*8000*2400
Technical Paramters are subject to change without prior notice

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