Leno Bag Circular Loom , NY-WYJ-4/750

This kind of circular loom is used to weave the Leno bags to packing vegetables,onions,potatoes,fruits ,etc, it can use round fiber or flat fiber as warp fiber , and flat fiber as weft fiber only to weave mesh Leno fabric
★ Sensitive automatic stop with the intelligent detector for warp-breaking,weft-breaking and weft-ending
★ Rimless wheel shuttle style, less friction, more steady running
★ New weft automatic feeding system, reducing waster
★ Adopts the latest energy saving synchronous motors to control the winder,main frame and fabric lifting roller to be synchronized, when the loom stops,the winder stops at the same time with no harm of rubber sheet of winder roller and the fabric, also avoid less density of fabric which is usually caused by restarting the loom after stop
★ Adopts the latest energy saving synchronous motors to adjust the weft density and compensate the weft density in case of weft-breaking,that improve the evenness smooth of weaving fabric

Model No. NY-WYJ-4/750
Number of Shuttle 4
Weaving Folding Width 300-750
Max. Number Warp (pcs) 512
Max Diameter of Warp Bobbin 110mm
Max Diameter of Weft Bobbin 110mm
Max Revolution 120rpm
Bobin Size (ID*L)  Φ38*230mm/Φ35ⅹ218mm
Power of Main Motor  2.2
Power of lift-up Motor (kw)  0.37
Warp infeed Motor 0.15kw*2
Winder Motor 1.6 Nm
Max Winding Diameter 1200mm
Installing dimensions(L*W*H)  9.0*2.4*2.7 m
Approxi.Weight(kg)  2800
Technical Paramters are subject to change without prior notice

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