Regular Valve Cement Bag Conversion Machine

This machine can form valve,hem and sew the 2 bottom of pp woven sacks with paper or plastic strip or not, and collect them fully automatically after finishing.  It is a one-time forming sewing equipment, which is suitable for making cement bags,as well as other woven bag .

Main Technicial Parameter:

Model No.  NY-QFF-600
Max Diameter of Unwinding Farbic Roll 1200mm
Max Width of Unwinding Fabric(mm)  580/600
Max Cutting Bag Length(mm)  1000
Strip Sewing optional
Production Speed (pcs/min) 35-45
Folding(Hem) width(mm)  20-50
Length of Stitch (mm)  9-16
Max Sewing thickness(mm)  8
Gross Power(kw)  10
Installing dimensions(L×W×H)  8*5*1.3m
Weight(kg)  2500


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