Block Bottom Valve Bag Conversion Machine

This machine is used for making square bottom valve flour bags, It has the functions of cutting,mouth and bottom folding,sealing,auto counting and collection. pneumatic-hydraulic auto edge correction for material feeding and has the advantages of high production efficiency,  It is the ideal equipment for making valve flour bags.

Model  NY-FD/ZDJ-600
Sack Width 350-600mm
Sack Length 450-910mm
Bottom Width 80-180mm
Tubular fabric Material PP/PE
Coating Material 15%PE,85%PP
Coating Weight of Outer Sides 18-30 g/m²
Adhesion of Coating min. 8N/3cm
Line Speed Max. 60sacks/min
Installed Power 80kw
Cooling Water max. 18°C, 4 bar
Compressed Air Consumption 500 m³/h (6-7 bar) (prepared by user)
Overall Dimension 13000x8500x2300mm
Weight About 15T


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