Single Needle Bar Knitting Machine

This Series Knitting machine is single needle bed knitting machine, suitable to manufacturing plastic net, such as olive net,anti-hail net,mosquito net ,open-width knotless fishing net, shade net, building-safety net and wind-proof net, insect-proof net, bird-proof net, bale wrap net by using PP,PE,HDPE monofilament as raw materials. It's an ideal choice of weaving machine for knitting industry.

Model NY-SJBZ430 NY-SJBZ330 NY-SJBZ 264 NY-SJBZ 216 NY-SJBZ170
Needle type latch needle
Gauge E6
Working widthmm 10900mm 8500mm 6700mm 5400mm 4500mm
Batching device Free standing batching device Combination batching device
Yarn-let-off roller 2 groups
Number of bars 3 bars
Revolution of main shaft 400-500rpm,with frequency control
Motor of transmission Main Motor:7.5kw(AC) Main Motor:7.5kw(AC) Main Motor:5kw(AC) Main Motor:5kw(AC) Main Motor:4kw(AC)
Production Capacity 1200-2000M/24H
Machine sizemm 12500×1800×2200 11300×1800×2100 8500×1800× 2100 7500×1800× 2100 6150*1700*2000

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