Double Needle Bar Knitting Machine

This machine is double needle bar knitting machine, mainly used to manufacture Raschel knitted mesh bag for potato , onion , garlic , apple ,ect.

Model NY-JB5500
Suitable material HDPE polypropylene ,polyester ,nylon and ect.
Needle type latch needle
Gauge E2
Working widthmm 5500mm216”
Number of bars 9 pcs
Drive unit Open cam drive
Let –off mechanism 2 pcs of guide comb for weaving front and back sheet cloth and 2 pcs of guide comb for abb lining, i.e.4 pcs of ground comb adapt 3-roll roller for active letoff,5 pcs of pattern comb is used for passive let-off.
Rollers 4 groups of rollers
Shogging unit cam disk control the design
Batching Device Free-standing batching devicewith max. take-up diameter 1200mm  
Revolution of main shaft (rpm) working speed 300~600rpm ,Inverter controlinching speed 15rpm
Motor of transmission Main motor :4kwAC
Machine sizemm 7500×1600×2100L×W×H
Installed size(mm) 8500*9000
Weightkg 12500kgs
Capacity 7000-18000pcs/24H
This capacity is for 50*80 raschel bag
Machine equipped with creel stand batching device and auto stop device

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