Sheet-feed Bag Printing Machine

This printing machine specializes at the automatic printing the words and logo on the woven bag and laminated bag,it can finish multicolors printing at one contains automatic counting and fine adjustment function.

Main Technical Parameters:
Model No. NY-YDJ2/840 NY-YDJ3/840 NY-YDJ3/1500 NY-YDJ3/1650
Max Input Width  750mm 750mm 1300mm 1450mm
Max Printing Width 660mm 660mm 1100mm 1250mm
Max Printing Length 1300mm 1300mm 2200mm 2200mm
Thickness Plate(mm) 4-6 4-6 7 7
Diameter of Printing Roller 426mm 426mm 730mm 730mm
Printing Capacity(pcs/h) 1000-5000 1000-5000 500-1000 500-1000
Printing Color Number 2 3 3 3
Power of Motor(kw) 1.2 1.5 4 4
Installing Dimension ( LxWxH) 270*140*130cm 340*140*130cm 450*200*150cm 450*200*150cm

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